Space Rental Guidelines

Outside events are important to First Church of Christ, Scientist as a way to welcome in members of the community who might not regularly attend services into our church building. We put a lot of love and collective work to create a beautiful meeting space that would serve the needs of our congregation and also be flexible enough to support diverse needs of the community through events throughout the week when the congregation is not using the space.

First Church of Christ, Scientist reserves the right to allow use of the space to groups at its sole and unrevealable discretion, under the leadership of the Board of Trustees for the Church, a body of members elected democratically by the membership of the Church.

Use of the space shall respect all local laws. A site visit may be required of your organization as requested by First Church staff prior to allowance of use of said space.

For more information, please contact our events manager.

Damage deposit

A $500 damage deposit is required of all contracting parties and is to be attached to the signed Agreement. The damage deposit will be refunded no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the end of this Agreement if no damage has occurred and no other charges are outstanding.


The Church may require that the User and vendor obtain a certificate of insurance from their insurance carrier stating that they have in force bodily injury and property damage liability protection of no less than $1 million.

Food and Beverage

A kitchen space with small refrigerator, sink, microwave, and ice maker is available to any groups serving food during events.

No event using the space may serve or bring alcoholic beverages into the space. No smoking is allowed anywhere inside the building or within fifty (50) feet of the entrances.


Extensive in-house audiovisual equipment and tech support are available. An additional fee may apply.

Noise Levels, Music, and Entertainment

First Church staff will monitor sound levels and enforce DC laws. The User and any vendor will be under contract to ensure that noise levels do not disrupt the neighborhood. The Church is located in a building that has other tenants.

Physical Limitations

  • Nothing may be affixed to ceilings, walls, doorways, or windows.
  • No glitter, rice, confetti, sand or similar items may be used on the Premises.
  • For events with dancing, the User must rent a dance floor.

Deliveries and Pickups

Use of the loading dock may be arranged in advance at an additional fee. The Church has no space for storage in advance of any meetings.

Communications/Advertising of Events

All communications or advertisements about the event should advertise the location only as: 910 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20006. We may request to review any advertisement of your event.

Event support staff

The Church will appoint a representative to serve as the event support staff for the event. That representative will provide the set-up and break-down of the area of the Church to be used. This Church representative will provide access, will supervise the activity of the User, will inspect for damage, and will secure the Premises at the end of the use. The cost for this representative’s time and services will be included in the total cost for the use of the Premises.

Cleaning crew

Depending on timing and degree of space usage, the Church may incur additional cleaning costs over and above its normal cleaning contract. These additional costs will be included in the total cost for the use of the Premises.