Our new church envisioned

For the past few months, we’ve been engaged in a membership-wide discussion, examining how various church functions will operate within the new church structure. Six subcommittees have been working actively on this effort: the Sunday School/Children’s Room, Clerk/Treasurer, Reading Room, Edifice and Grounds, Services/Care and Music. Check out the fruitage from these discussions below! 

What’s up with the new Sunday School? We envision the new Sunday School and Children’s Room having open space, nooks for classes to meet separately,  and attractive outdoor balconies. Sunday School teachers, Children’s Room attendants and even former students have contributed to this report for youth activities.

Will the clerk have an office? We think the new church should feature an “administrative hub” that is easily-accessible to all members, including the Clerk. Read the full report produced by the Clerk and Treasurer.

What new technology will be incorporated into our Reading Room? The discussion on the Reading Room covered everything from the need to create a quiet reading space to the exciting possibilities of utilizing touch-screen technology to draw in new customers. Read more about the Reading Room.

What wisdom has the Edifice and Grounds Committee offered? The E&G folks produced a comprehensive facilities report calling for flexible, adaptable space and additional support facilities such as a kitchen.

How do we want our new auditorium to function? We had some great ideas related to our new auditorium like making the seating flexible (yet still “churchy!”) and having an adaptable platform. Read more about the auditorium.

Organ or piano? or both? The Music Committee delved deep into the discussion of how to provide fresh, high-quality music in our new space. Read more about the Music Committee’s findings.

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